Making the Decision

Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed in caring for your loved one? Have you had suggestions from your physician, family or friends that it may be time to place your loved one? Seeking care for your loved one is a big decision with many considerations. Below are three important factors to help you identify and select the best care possible.



Factor #1

Identifying the Need

Primary caregivers often feel they are abandoning their loved one by placing them in a care facility. In actuality, it is the responsible and compassionate action to take. The questions below can help you identify if the care your loved one needs is beyond your ability to provide. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, schedule a consultation with Highview to learn how we can assist.


Factor #2

Assessing the Level of Care

In choosing the appropriate level of care, consider your loved one first. What are their specific needs in order to maintain an active and comfortable life? What do they need to ensure their wellness and security? Are they getting enough interaction to maintain their social/spiritual wellness? Is their memory fading? In order to provide the best care possible, we must first establish what level of care is needed. Highview offers both Assisted Living and Alzheimer’s Care.


Factor #3

Choosing the Right Place

Once you have determined the accurate level of care your loved one requires, the right facility should balance signature care with a dignified living experience. Below, Highview has curated a list that is essential in keeping our residents and their families healthy and happy in their transition to assisted living or Alzheimer’s care.


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