The Admissions Process

We understand the decision to transition to a facility raises many questions for residents and their families. Highview’s admission process is designed to ease this burden so that you and your loved one can begin enjoying the Highview experience as quickly as possible. Highview is a private pay facility and requires no deposits or fees prior to move in.



A Smooth Transition

  • Highview accepts inquiries by phone, walk in or email.
  • A designated admission staff member will take down initial information and arrange a tour of the facility.
  • Highview’s Director of Nursing will conduct a resident assessment and results are shared with the family. This assessment can either take place wherever the resident is, or at Highview.
  • The decision to admit is made and resident selects apartment from available options.
  • Instructions for admission are provided including a walkthrough of anticipated fees. At this time, Highview will request the new resident’s medical history, physician orders and proper paperwork including: medical card, social security card, insurance and picture I.D.
  • Contract is presented and a date for Power of Attorney to sign contractual paperwork is set.
  • Move in date is established.
  • Highview staff welcome all residents to ensure they are happy and comfortable as they adjust to their new surroundings.
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