What Others Have to Say

We do what we do because of the stories below. The peace of mind of our residents’ family members is a clear expression of our signature quality of care and proof that your loved one is in good hands.

Use the tabs below to explore individual stories from some of our family members.

Daughter of Resident

My parents, John and Jo Shedd moved into Highview in the Woodlands in November of 2009. I first learned about Highview through some friends whose parents lived at this senior facility and all of them highly recommended Highview. I felt fortunate my parents were able to move into a spacious assisted living apartment. It was nice to bring furniture and personal belongings from their house so it felt more like home.


My father was 90 years old at the time, and my mother was 85 and showed signs of dementia. Unfortunately, my father passed away just a short time after we moved them in, but as I reflect back, I realize he did this for mom because he knew Highview would be the best place for her with her onset of dementia.


Mom continued to live at Highview until her recent passing on March 27, 2013. During the past three plus years, the care mom received from everyone at Highview exceeded our highest expectations. The staff is so compassionate and they made my mom feel special every day. Mom enjoyed the social activities, playing the piano, visiting with the other residents, getting her hair done every week, all the wonderful meals, and telling the staff “I love you.”


Highview in the Woodlands was a godsend for my mom in her final years. Mom was surrounded by kind and caring people, who kept her comfortable throughout her entire stay. For this, our family will be eternally grateful.

Daughter of Resident

In the summer of 2012, my father was reaching the advanced stages of dementia. It became clear to us that my father needed sheltered care.


With the help of my daughter, who is a nurse and former hospice employee, we found Highview in the Woodlands. Molly had a friend, who’s mother lived there and they had only good things to tell about their experience with Highview. We visited the facility with my brother and were all very impressed.


When the time came, in an emergency situation, Highview had a room for dad. I can’t say enough about the wonderful care he received in the 10 months he was there. Not only the love and care to my father but the kindness to our mother was remarkable. We visited often and always found him clean, well fed and happy. Highview became home to him with loving people to care for him.


We will always be thankful to the whole staff at Highview in the Woodlands.

Daughter of Resident

When my mother became ill, my family began the search for a living facility that would be safe, secure, and welcoming. We visited several places and knew after our first visit to Highview in the Woodlands that this was the place that would be the best fit for mother. The apartment she lived in at Highview in assisted living allowed for some independence along with the support she needed with housekeeping and daily living tasks.


Over the seven years she lived there, we came to know many of the staff at Highview. Without exception, from housekeeping staff to maintenance staff to nursing staff and administrative staff, they were all always kind and respectful with the residents. They took the time to get to know their residents and made their needs the primary concern. My mother may not have known the names of many of the staff, but she was always very complimentary and positive in her comments about the staff over the many years that she lived there.


Highview does a wonderful job keeping residents involved with activities, events, outings, and special guests such as the therapy dogs. I know that they created many happy, joyful moments for my mother. Resident interests are encouraged and nurtured, like my mother’s fondness for playing cards. When we came to visit we would see evidence of an arts and crafts project, a picture, or some cards given by visiting children. I also have memories of a trip to a ballgame and lunch at Culvers, only some of the many trips she took over the years with other residents and staff.


Highview not only cared for my mother but also provided support for our family as well. While I was only able to attend a few of these support meetings I found them to be very helpful. Every step of the way the Highview staff was there for my mother and for our family. Highview will always hold a special place in our hearts for providing a quality living environment for our mother.

Daughter-in-law of Resident

The Palmer family was very concerned when their father, Clayborn, developed quick-onset Alzheimer’s. Worried about his safety when he was home alone, they decided that they needed to find an alternate living arrangement that could provide Clayborn with the care he now needed. After visiting several facilities, the Palmers chose Highview in the Woodlands.


“My father-in-law had been in construction and was a very independent person until the Alzheimer’s set in. We were concerned he would feel lost in a new environment. However, that was not the case at all,” said Deb Palmer. “The Highview staff used a personalized approach to meet his needs. For example, they encouraged him to do tasks that reminded him of his past, even when that meant taking apart the kitchen plumbing. We still visit the friends we made while my father-in-law lived at Highview.”


Deb’s father-in-law passed away two and one-half years after moving into Highview.


“The Highview staff was so sensitive and supportive when my father-in-law took a turn for the worse,” said Deb. “They prepared us for his passing by helping us through the emotional and physical stresses of losing a loved one.”


The Palmer family was so pleased with their Highview experience that, when Deb’s mother needed an assisted living facility, they once again chose Highview.


“The Highview atmosphere was always filled with positivity and personal support,” said Deb.