Recent Updates

Highview residents connect with students in new program

Highview in the Woodlands and the Winnebago County Special Education Cooperative are collaborating to provide learning and social experiences for their residents and elementary students. Under the new Intergenerational Learning Program, visits to Highview and to the classrooms will be arranged to provide specific and intentional activities that allow for socialization and sharing between the cross generational relationships. These experiences will enhance student learning through the promotion of social skill attainment and practice while residents enjoy the companionship with the youth of today. We are very excited for the ongoing, mutually beneficial activities that will be coordinated.

Highview residents connect to local library

What is it about reading a book that is so enjoyable? Is it the adventures you can go on through the words on the page? Or the far-away places you can visit that you might otherwise never see? Maybe it’s just the idea of sitting in a comfortable chair and getting lost in a story that appeals to you. Our residents now have the opportunity to read to their heart’s content since Highview connected them to the local library. They also have access to movies and music

110 Years and Counting

In 2014, Highview will celebrate 110 years of dedicated service to our seniors and the community. Stay tuned for more announcements about this historical milestone!

Highview’s New Generator

Our new generator will keep us safe and running in an event of an outage. Check out these action shots of its delivery and installment.