Alzheimer / Dementia

Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care: Highview welcomes and encourages our residents to furnish their suites with their own belongings

State-of-the-art Care

It may start with her forgetting the day of the week. Bouts of confusion, irritability, mood swings and difficulty with language become more frequent. Something is changing in your mother. As her child, this is a frightening and overwhelming realization that not only puts her health and safety at risk, but a new and daunting responsibility upon you. When Alzheimer/Dementia strikes your loved one, its impact can be felt on a physical, emotional, legal and financial level by everyone involved. At Highview in the Woodlands, we are proud to provide state-of-the-art Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care to alleviate these burdens. With a fully licensed facility, highly trained staff and nearly 70 years of combined experience in Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care among our administrators, we will ensure your loved one maintains the maximum level of quality living throughout their residency.

Every person is unique. Our residents receive an individualized approach to their care.

An Individualized Approach

Before moving in, new residents and families will meet with Highview staff for an initial assessment. Here, we will identify the current stage of the disease process and discover the abilities, interests and special needs of your loved one. Learning not only who they are, but who they were, will allow us to capture, preserve and leverage memories to maintain their sense of identity and develop a unique approach for their care. Our staff then directs an individualized Montessori-based approach designed to evoke residents’ memories and stimulate their senses through practical life activities. Recognizing the individual is key in helping our residents rediscover their past and enrich their future.

Highview’s therapeutic methods to aid our residents with Alzheimer/Dementia include a Snoezelen Center, a controlled, safe environment which stimulates the primary senses of sight, touch, sound and scent. Here, residents can relax in a stress-free area and bond with staff and family members. In our Nurturing Center, the smell of baby powder is in the air, the wall is decorated with baby pictures, and there are stuffed animals and laundry baskets with baby clothes. The decor is designed to encourage residents, who often recall memories decades old but can’t recognize their own children, to reminisce and relive the experience of being a parent.

Staff Expertise

At Highview, continued professional training is required of all our staff to ensure the latest clinical developments in Alzheimer care are practiced. We have two certified Montessori teachers and all staff have completed specialized training in caring for persons suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related disorders. In addition, a licensed nurse and certified nursing assistant are on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Alzheimer/Dementia Unit includes 26 private suites each with their own private bath.

Bedroom Suites

Our Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care unit is in a secure wing of the property that includes 26 private suites, private bedroom and bath, and has obtained a Shelter Care Licensure from the Illinois Department of Public Health. Highview welcomes and encourages our residents to furnish their suites with their own belongings and we are happy to lend our furniture for temporary use.

Suite Amenities:

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Safety bar in seated shower
  • Assistance/emergency pull cords
  • Access to cable television and telephone service
  • Window treatments

Care Plans

All residents of Highview’s Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care unit receive individual care plans developed by a multidisciplinary team to meet their unique physical, dietary and medical needs. These plans are developed in conjunction with family members during the initial assessment meeting and each resident’s activities, changing interests and progress is tracked and reviewed during a quarterly meeting with family members. Additionally, three healthy meals, as well as therapeutic diet options, approved by a licensed dietitian, are prepared daily by Highview’s resident chefs.