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We understand the decision to transition to an assisted living facility raises many questions for residents and their families. Additionally, the onset of Alzheimer/Dementia in a loved one requires a whole new set of responsibilities for families and caretakers. We are here to help. Below are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question not addressed or would like to know more about Highview, feel free to call or schedule a tour.

Use the tabs below to explore general, assisted living and Alzheimer/Dementia specific questions and answers about Highview.


What type of care does Highview provide?

Highview in the Woodlands offers assisted living and Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care to adults 55 and older in a safe and traditional, home-like setting.

Where is Highview located?

Highview in the Woodlands is located in Rockton, IL just north of Rockford. Our convenient location makes for an easy drive for family members visiting from neighboring Belvidere or the Beloit area of southern Wisconsin.

Is Highview a not-for-profit facility?

Yes. Highview is a private, non-denominational, not-for-profit health care facility.

Does Highview require any pre-admission fees?

There are no pre-admission fees, only fee for service.

What should I consider when selecting a facility for my loved one?

The first step in considering an Assisted Living or Alzheimer Care facility is understanding the three key areas for facility selection. They are licensure, education and staff experience. Licensure refers to the level of care the state has issued to the facility in order to operate. Education refers to the formal education in the area of health care, for both leadership and key team members as well as the clinical staff. Experience refers to the strength, depth and scope of the leadership and key staff in their individual or collective professional experiences.

What is the admission process?

The admission process begins with inquiries by phone or walk in. Initial information is taken by a designated admission staff member and a tour of the facility will be given. Following this, an assessment is done of the potential resident. This assessment can be accomplished in their home setting or at Highview. Subsequent to the assessment, a discussion is held to determine placement and fee information is provided. If needed, this process can happen very quickly but most often happens over a period of time.

Does Highview accept Medicaid?

No. Highview is not Medicaid certified.

Does Highview accept long-term care insurance?

Yes, Highview accepts long-term care insurance. Highview will provide all information necessary to the insurance company as needed. The insurance company will reimburse the resident or family. The resident and or family are responsible to pay the invoices from Highview.

What are the financial requirements?

Highview is a private pay facility. We do not require any specific financial information from the potential resident or their family. Highview is a fee for service facility with no additional entrance fees or costs.

What certifications and licensure does Highview have?

Highview in the Woodlands has two licenses issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Assisted Living licensure is for 36 beds (one or two bedroom apartments). The Shelter Care licensure, a higher level of licensure than Assisted Living, is for 26 beds (private rooms and bath) in our Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care unit.

Is there a doctor available?

You may always retain your own private physician. In addition, Highview has two other options once you have become a resident.

What other services are provided?

There are scheduled services for the dentist and the podiatrist. Mobile X-ray is available when needed.

Does Highview have a hospital affiliation?

We work with all hospitals locally and regionally. Highview will work with the hospital of choice requested by a resident. If you do not have a preferred hospital, Highview can provide preferred suggestions.

Does Highview have a nurse on duty at all times?

Yes. Each unit, Assisted Living and Alzheimer/Dementia, has a nurse on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What other staff is available?

Highview has 2-3 Certified Nursing Aides on Assisted Living, 4-6 Certified Nursing Aides on the Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care unit, and support staff in social services, activities, food services, environmental services and administration.

How does Highview protect the privacy of residents?

HIPAA prohibits all staff from giving any information to anyone regarding any resident at Highview.

What is the religious affiliation of Highview?

We are non-denominational and provide weekly Protestant services and Catholic Mass and Rosary. We will make every effort to provide any religious services requested by a resident.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is temporary admission to Highview which can be overnight, 3-4 days a week, or monthly.

What are care packages?

Residents residing in the Assisted Living unit, who need more than the basic services provided, have the availability to receive extended care designed to meet specific needs. Costs vary depending on the package.

What if I have special dietary needs?

Therapeutic diets are available.

Are pets allowed at Highview?

Yes, Highview is a pet-friendly facility. Before moving in, Highview must review all certified veterinarian documents regarding the animal. Acceptable pets are limited to small to medium size and daily care for the pet, such as walking, feeding and changing litter, is the resident’s full responsibility.

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What is the apartment availability?

Apartment availability is based on current occupancy. If no apartments are available, a waiting list is initiated.

What are the apartment sizes?

Highview in the Woodlands offers 36 one- or two-bedroom private apartments with open layouts and plenty of natural light. Check out our apartment floor plans.

One bedroom apartment: 576 square feet

  • Living room: 23 x 12.5’
  • Bedroom: 12 x 13’
  • Kitchen: 3.5 x 9’
  • Bathroom: 5.5 x 6’
  • Apartments include hallway and utility closet

Two bedroom apartment: 768 square feet

  • Living room: 23.8 x 12.5’
  • Bedroom 1: 13 x 10’
  • Bedroom 2: 10 x 9’
  • Kitchen: 3.5 x 9’
  • Bathroom: 5.5 x 6’
  • Walk-in closet: 6 x 10’
  • Apartments include hallway and utility closet

What amenities are available for Assisted Living?

Assisted Living amenities include in-house beauty salon, garage space, afternoon social hours, scheduled entertainment, a scenic patio with large courtyard and landscaped grounds.
Apartment amenities include access to cable and telephone services, controlled temperatures, assistance/emergency pull cords, safety bar in seated shower, wheelchair accessibility, daily waste removal and weekly housekeeping and linen change.

What services are available for Assisted Living?

Highview provides an array of services including: nursing, pharmacy, social services, worship services, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, guest meals, notary and scheduled transportation. Additionally, three healthy meals, as well as therapeutic diet options, approved by a licensed dietitian, are prepared daily by Highview’s resident chefs.

What are the activities and excursions for Assisted Living?

Activities vary according to the current residents. Activities include Men’s club, Couples club, sewing for ladies, arts and crafts, guest speakers, musical entertainment, exercise, games and puzzles. Excursions can include trips to restaurants, parks, sporting events, plays and seasonal venues. Please visit our Event Calendar to view current activities.

What are the visiting hours for Assisted Living?

Visiting hours are from 9 am to 8pm. The front door is locked at 9:00 pm for the safety of our residents and staff. If you must enter after 9:00 pm, there is an intercom button on the West wall which will notify our nursing staff you are there.

Can residents visit with family members outside of Highview?

All Assisted Living residents are free to leave the facility with family and friends as long as there are no restrictions set by the Power of Attorney.

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What is the suite availability?

Suite availability is based on current occupancy. If no suites are available, a waiting list is initiated.

What is the suite size in the Alzheimer/Dementia unit?

Highview suites consist of a private bedroom and bath.

Private suite: 228 square feet

  • Bedroom: 12 x 19’
  • Bathroom with shower: 4 x 6’
  • Closet: 2’


    What does the Alzheimer/Dementia unit staff training consist of?

    Leadership is trained in “Leading Excellence in Memory Care and Dementia Services”, and “Preparing Effective Educators, Developing Staff for Person-Centered Dementia Care”. Other training includes specific education required of all staff on the Alzheimer/Dementia unit. Three Administrative staff have completed the course for National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. Monthly, on-going training is required of all staff.

    Can the residents go out?

    If it is safe for the resident to leave the facility on the Highview bus, then we encourage him/her to join in on outings, especially if that outing meets their interests. Safety is of utmost concern and the outings will be decided upon on an individual basis. Our Alzheimer/Dementia-Related Care unit also has its own private patio which includes flower and vegetable gardening and outdoor activities.

    What are the activities on the Alzheimer/Dementia unit?

    Activities on the Alzheimer/Dementia unit are based on the Montessori approach of practical life. This approach can vary depending on the residents. Depending on their previous profession in life, the approach is customized to the vocational memory they have retained. The once carpenter can again relive the experience by sanding blocks of wood with staff. These practical life activities are tiered for whatever memory is left and can include laundry, kitchen tasks, gardening and improv storytelling. For higher functioning residents, there is a Montessori room. Art therapy is also a strong component, as well as nurturing and reducing anxiety therapy in our Snoezelen Center.

    How does Highview keep my loved one safe?

    The entire facility of Highview is alarmed. Additionally, our Alzheimer/Dementia unit has keycode entry and exit which only staff can access. In the event of an alarm, all staff are regularly trained and implement a response protocol.

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